Practical English Music

Things Could Have Been Very Different

They could have written songs about masculine angst or love for love’s sake, but they brushed these things from the table during the first writing session.

Sometimes King writes about unusual, historical and sometimes mythical characters, places and events. They explore the dangerous and hopeless, the other side of life. Every song is a fairy-tale exploration.

It’s about duality and blurred edges. Sometimes King doesn’t always do what is expected of them and has built around them a home; a place to write and rehearse, and record their stories late into the night.

Speaking of Writing

You can hear (and buy) the Practical English Music EP right here.

Sometimes King

In The Studio

Sometimes King are primarily a studio based band with a passion for surprising audiences when they leave their fortress with songs that aren’t designed to exist within mediocrity. They do their own thing and look for people who ‘get it’ and fit in.

The words and the story always come first and can be stripped down to a vocal with minimal accompaniment if required. They go out as two, three, four and five for the larger shows and stages. Every instrument adds to the story, but the substance is always there.

Creating the forthcoming (as yet untitled) album has been a journey in and of itself. The struggle to self-produce despite the barriers thrown up by a fractured music industry has been sought out by new characters with enough grit to play the game.

What started with three musicians and firm friends has attracted like-minded producers, engineers, musicians and film-makers to make it greater than the sum of its original parts. The future looks weird.