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Practical English Music by Sometimes King

We are happy to announce our EP release! This is a pre-cursor to the final album which will feature more songs (obviously), some with slightly different arrangements and sound palettes. This is the first outing of work that has taken us some time to complete, and we are tolerably pleased with it. We’ve been to some unusual places writing these songs and also some very dark places too. We think you might be able to hear that if you study the lyrics for any length of time.

Make no mistake, being in a band is like having a second family along with everything that brings – good and bad. We have found and lost people on the way, but we would very much like to thank these people:

Julian Gabriah, Jeff Cooper, Ben Mason, Andrew Hockey, Andrew Bingham and finally, our beloved Ken Bull.

Sometimes King is:

Ash Bull, Damien Bidmead, Gavin Locke


Track List

The Freak
King of Nothing
Beyond The Stars
When It Snows

We hope you enjoy what you hear. Feel free to tell us what you think in the comments. Bye for now.